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 Ceramic Classes and Workshops

Hand-build ceramic workshop  

The workshop will introduce you step by step to basic hand-building techniques such as pinching, coiling and slab building and also decoration technique with coloured engobes. You will make a set of stoneware bowl or mug with a handle and plate. Once they are done, they will need to be completely dried and then go through a bisque firing, glazing process and a glazing firing. The whole process may take up to 3 weeks until you can actually collect your artwork. When your work is ready for collection you will be notified by email.

Time                : Fridays   10:30 am - 1pm,  Saturdays  11 am -1:30 pm

Class lengths :  2.5 hours 

Cost                 :  65 Euros,  All materials, tools, glazing, and two firings ( bisque firing and glaze firing) are included.

Capacity         : 2-6 people

*Option to choose one piece only : 40 Euros,1.5 hours


Kids workshop 

Options :  cup, pencil case, personalized plate, animal shaped bowl etc. 

Age       :  4 -14 years old                              Class lengths:1.5 hours   

Time     :  Saturdays  5 pm - 6:30 pm          Capacity : 2-6 people

Cost      :   35 Euros ( All materials and a bisque firing, glazing and a glaze firing)


Classes and workshops available in Spanish, English and Korean.


Schedule can be subject to change.


We offer you the Gift Voucher for classes, workshops and products. 



Taller infantil de cerámica en Madrid
Clase infantil de cerámica en Madrid
Clase  y taller de cerámica en Madrid
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